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Son of the dawn - Ghosts of the shadow market 1

En kort novell på Storytel i Shadowhunter-världen. Känns som om det kommer ut en bok som liknar Magnus Baane Chronicles eller Shadowhunter academi med alla berättelse samlade sedan när alla är utgivna.

Liten kort berättelse om när Jace kom till institutet, blir säkert fler och jag kommer att lyssna på dem om de finns på Storytel och jag vill ha något litet mellan andra böcker.

Irriterande nog finns del 2 inte på Storytel men del 3 kommer 2018-06-12. Varför inte köpa in alla så man kan läsa i rätt ordning? Men jag kommer att lyssna på de som finns, är lite svag för broder Zacharia ;)

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"The Lightwoods, the Shadowhunters who run the New York Institute, are expecting a new addition to their family: the orphaned son of their father's friend, Jace Wayland. Alec and Isabelle aren't too sure they want a new brother, and their parents are not assuaging their fears, too occupied with the dark news that Raphael Santiago, second-in-command of the New York vampire clan, has brought from the Shadow Market."

Del 2: Cast Long Shadows

Cast Long Shadows Matthew Fairchild is the Consul's son and the golden-haired boy of the Nephilim. He has the love of his family and his parabatai James Herondale, and nothing to wish for, except excitement and artistry and beauty that do not seem to fit in with a warrior's way of life. Matthew gets more than he bargained for at the Shadow Market, where he commits the greatest sin of his life - something he can never tell his parabatai, or any of the honorable Shadowhunters around him.Praise for the The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices Series"e;This crowdpleaser's tension-filled conclusion ratchets towards a new set of mysteries.
Every Exquisite Thing

Del 3: Every Exquisite Thing

Anna Lightwood, eldest child of Gabriel and Cecily, is mad, bad, and dangerously dapper. Every rake has an origin story, though: now under Brother Zachariah’s eye we see Anna’s doomed love story unfold.

Läs mer om böckerna i Shadowhunter på författarens hemsida Ghosts of the shadow market

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